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Lead Farmer

Edwin (AKA Kelly Rhodes) 

Folks Behind the Farm


A local jazz musician and former physics teacher at Classical Prep charter school, Edwin enjoys indulging in a variety of subjects from aviation, electronics, to classical studies in philosophy and theology of which he holds his degrees in.

Being a Tampa native and having lived in cities like Miami and New York, Edwin sought out to seek a different environment and a more meaningful work life that was intellectually engaging yet physical and tied to entrepreneurship.


After raising poultry for a few years and following the regenerative farming movement he thought it might be time to expand. He and Leslie found an almost 10 acre farm previously owned by a cattle farmer and the rest was history as Edwin resigned from teaching to farm full-time and bring organic pasture raised poultry to Citrus County. 

He has not left the academic world behind, however, as he is an avid writer and plans to publish educational resources on agriculture to subjects in the humanities as a part of the farm and still engages with the youth through Tampa Bay's Big Brother Big Sister program and Florida Guardian ad Litem. 



Leslie Ruth 


An Oklahoma native and retired academic counselor, Leslie Ruth, moved to Florida nearly a decade ago to be closer to her daughters and escape the frigid Oklahoman winters. Since then she had become a DAR member and booking agent for Kelly Rhodes Music. A diehard Oklahoma Sooners fan whose son once owned and operated the Sooner legends Hotel. After spending most of her professional life in education and real estate,  Leslie has decided to come back to her roots full circle and spend her latter years on the farm as she did early on in life on route 66.  She is also in the works of offering her home on the farm on Airbnb of which has been appropriately dubbed the Hen House.

Adam Caar

Adam Caar

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