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Quarterly Harvest Sign Up

The Schedule 

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The Details  

Our Quarterly Harvest is designed to enable our customers to plan out their purchases over the course of the year. 

The Average family will consume around 210lbs of chicken a year, which can be broken down into 30-50lbs every quarter.

Purchases will still be done by weight, so a bulk order of 30-50lbs will be around $200-$400. 

How will we know what you want? 

Just type in which cuts you would like 
in the
"What would you like us to reserve for you" box in the sign up sheet to the right.

Example: " I would like 30lbs, mostly breasts and a few whole chickens." 

Payment will be completed upon delivery or pickup. 

If you live outside of our delivery radius of 15 miles, please inquiry about our airport delivery for folks in northern, eastern, and south Florida. 

Air Delivery

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The Sign-up Sheet 

July Harvest Sign up

Reserve your meat form the next major harvest

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